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Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Magnificient Art of the Kuna Indians of San Blas

Kuna Yala formerly known as The Comarca de San Blas is the territory of the Kuna and home to the most beautiful and exotic molas handmade by the women's of San Blas.

The residents of Kuna Yala, San Blas (Kuna Indians) are the most truly Native American (in the sense that they have retained their original lands), their traditions and their culture. The Kunas look similar from Island to Island, however each village is unique.

Molas are a Native Indian Art, elegant piece of Textile Art (Fiber Art), each pieche depict a different theme and are priced according to the quality of the work, the larger molas worth more money becuse of the intricate work and fine design. They are collectibles and the value increase through the years. Once you buy a mola you will come back for more.

Molas are exquisite, both for framing as well as incorporting into creative projects and wearable art. Enjoy making beautiful quilts with molas and molitas hadmade the Kuna
Indians of San Blas, Panama.

Molas can be fashioned into many different and unique gifts like t-shirts, vests, jackets, blouses, jeans, jean skirt, purses, hand bags, tote bags, women's shoes, neck tie and more.

You can also make a pillow or delightful wallhanging, a placemat, pot holders, chair covers, etc., just use your imagination. If you are hosting an special event and would like to order quantity of any items for gift please e-mail me or contact me directly. Explore our wide selection of unique and handmade molas and mola items, visit us at, please feel free to contact me with your questions at

Our top goal is to enable the Kuna indians and their communities to prosper, we value their work and put the Kunas before profit, we buy directly from the Kuna artisans to make sure that they receive the benefits, that way they will have enough money to solve their economic needs, to continue to provide collectors and all customers with this Exquisite and fine Textile Art from San Blas Kuna Yala, Panama. The sale of molas is one of the most important source of income for the Kuna's.